Friday, 1 October 2010

Geeks on film

Greg Foot, Geek Calendar's video editor, introduces the first of our special videos -- our trailer!

When we came up with the mad idea that is Geek Calendar we had a whole bundle of bonkers ideas. One of them was to make a video to whet your whistle about the final shots and show how much fun the whole thing was to put together!

When you get your grubby mitts on your very own Geek Calendar and flick through those glossy snaps you’ll see that lots of thought went into the choice of location and shot and, as you’d expect with the likes of Jonathan Ross involved, every shoot was a right laugh!

The marvellous Barry J Gibb and Tom Ziessen very kindly picked up their cameras and tagged along to whatever shoots we could fit into our geekily crammed diaries. And for those we couldn't make, organiser Mun-Keat had his Flip Video camera on him at all times (as geeks do), pointing it in the right direction enough times to give us some great shots.

Finally, you can’t have a trailer without a cracking tune, and we got a very appropriate one thanks to our friends at Geek Pop, the purveyors of fine nerd music. They had loads of great suggestions, but we eventually settled on the aptly-named Geek Of The Week by Sprit of Play.

My only qualm was that the original track was more chilled than we needed (it’s a great acoustic track – check it out). I was after something upbeat, preferably with some 8-bit goodness in there (cheers to Adam Rutherford and the Nature video crew for inspiring us). Luckily, I met the Spirit Of Play guys at the Green Man music festival and asked if they would do us a special version of the song. They jumped at the idea and the Geek of the Week (Geek Calendar remix) was born! You can grab the track over on Geek Pop's very kind blog post.

Getting our own customised remix was the icing on the cake for us, and we hope you guys like the trailer. Keep your eyes peeled: we’ve got two more videos coming soon featuring more from our geeks!

Greg Foot