Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pre-order prize draw winners

Way back in the summer, at the height of Geek Calendar production madness, we announced a prize draw to entice you to pre-order a calendar in August.

The draw was made a few weeks ago and we can now announce the lucky winners:
  • Lewis Dartnell signed book: Vanessa Stainthorp
  • Roger Highfield signed book: Sophie Freeland, Tom Chance, Werner, Tara Herman
  • Mark Henderson signed book: Anne Coleman
  • Alex Bellos signed book: Christine Sexton
  • Signed set of Simon Singh books: Katie Hanrott
  • Knitted Higgs Boson: Catherine Owen
  • Sydney Padua Babbage & Lovelace Libel Reform sketch: Amy Blencowe
  • Geek Calendar launch party tickets: Jenny Woods, Carmen Windsor, Richard Parmiter, Penny Vickers, Fiona Mcrobie
Congratulations to all!