Friday, 20 August 2010


Geek Calendar is now open for pre-orders. Alert your Grannies now! Or just buy one yourself. In fact buy several. It is £11.75 (plus P&P), lasts you until January 2012 and geekifies any room it graces.

Put your order in here.

In case you are wondering why you'd buy a calendar in August, we're only doing a limited print run.

Plus, all orders made before 5pm British Summer Time, 15th of September 2010 will be put into our special prize draw. Prizes include Sydney Padua's AMAZING, signed illustration of Charles Babbage suing her for libel (draft of this here), tickets to our star-studded launch party in October and, er, a hand-knitted Higgs boson (more prizes to be announced in the next few weeks).

The actual calendar photos are still secret - the photos here and on flickr are just backstage snaps, not the final calendar images. However, we'll be posting some sneak previews soon, and you can tell who is featured in the calendar from our blogposts (e.g. last three: Chris Addison, Brian Cox & Gia Milinovich and Aleks Krotoski). We also have a couple more shoots to do (including at least one very exciting one) so watch this space.

So, what are you waiting for? Put your order in. It's what all the cool kids aren't doing.

UPDATE 15/9/10: Signed books from some of our geeks, including Simon Singh, Lewis Dartnell, Roger Highfield, Alex Bellos and Mark Henderson (in 6 different languages...), have been added to the prizes.