Saturday, 15 May 2010

First few ideas

So we offically launched the twitter feed on Friday. Thanks to everyone who RT-ed and recommended us as a "follow friday". We also had a few tweets letting us know who you'd like to see in the calender. Here are some of my favourites. We need some more though, what do you think?

.@geekcalendar I would include some of the @afrigadget folks in the #geekcalendar because the world is full of geeksless than a minute ago via web

@geekcalendar Brian Cox struggling with the instruction manual to a microwave #geekcalendarless than a minute ago via web

.@geekcalendar I'd be keen on @wossy (wearing his glasses) surrounded by his awesome comic collection. Or his retro computer collection...less than a minute ago via Tweetie

And finally, a few less helpful suggestions. Ta, muchly :)

@lulucrumble @ayasawada @alicebell Erm, if theme of #geekcalendar is the secret life of nerds, surely it should be the "nerdcalendar"?less than a minute ago via Seesmic

@alokjha @lulucrumble @ayasawada @alicebell Screw #geekcalendar. Geekcolander is clearly what the public wants.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

UPDATE 10pm, Sunday: I retract my cynicism, looks like Ed might have been right about the demand for geek colanders... (warning: contains a rude word).