Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Geek Calendar is a celebration of the nerdishness of British life. It showcases our geek heroes in ways you will have never seen before.

We're going to launch the calendar in September with an exhibition hosted at the Free Word Centre in London, and it'll also be available to buy online. All profits will go towards the Libel Reform Campaign.

It is not a 'pin-up' calendar. Instead, we want interesting photos of intriguing people, reminding us of each person's ideas, achievements, creativity and, most importantly, their ability to take the mick. Our working theme is 'The Secret Life of Nerds'.

We've started to ask a few people who we'd like to include in the calendar, but frankly, we need more ideas. So, what do you think? Who are your nerd icons?

They don't have to be famous, they don't have to be scientists. They can be young, old, short, tall, grumpy, enthusiastic. The do have to be a bit nerdy, they have to be available for a photoshoot in the UK this summer and they have to be interesting.

Let us know. Leave a comment here, or tweet using the #geekcalendar hashtag.